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The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences of life. First and foremost, please be patient and allow yourself time to grieve. Allow family and friends to provide support.


Clark & Norris funeral home can help those mourning the loss of a loved one with ways to cope with their grief, ideas for memorial services and funerals.

Whatever you think would be appropriate; we promise to be with you at every step of the way.

Services don't have to be an elaborate event, because the most important part is in the “coming together” with others to share memories, and receive comfort from one another.



There are basic fundamental benefits of planning a funeral in advance, such as the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes have been made known and the details taken care of.

The comfort of knowing your family will not have to make funeral arrangement decisions during the difficult time of their initial grief.     

Assurance that informed, thoughtful decisions have been made about the funeral home provider, choice of service and costs.

Immediate Need

We are available by phone 24 hours a day




608 SW 12th Avenue

Hollywood, FL 33004


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COVID-19 Relief

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, the CDC advises you to call your healthcare provider for medical advice. 

On March 15, the CDC issued new guidance recommending that gatherings be restricted to 50 or fewer people for the subsequent eight weeks (until May 10). 

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